Why I still shot on films

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I shot my first film when I was 10. My first time was with a compact rangefinder that it's probably got lost in one of the moving. It was red, if I remember right. My father taught me how to do it. A few years later I was 15 and I got my first assignment for a local weekly paper. Nothing hard or complicated, obviously. I used to work with my father's gear: Nikon F2, FE, FE2 and some lenses I still use nowadays!

Few years later, when I was 18 (2003), I already had taken photographs at several events. All of them on film.

  • I grew up and decided to go to university, to study Psychology. I moved out of my parents' house to study, so I left the job at the weekly paper. I tried to continue shooting discovering the modern digital photography. It was amazing! I could have shot tons of pictures, I could have made every possible mistake! It was so amusing to use my new digital gear, that I decided to make it my job. After only 5 years of “shooting mistakes” and doing events for the students’ associations, I changed subject at university and opened my very personal photo studio, turning photography into my official job. It was so good owning a business!

    After only 5 years of “shooting mistakes” and doing events for the students’ associations, I opened my very personal photo studio

  • Eventually I became a fashion photographer and for 3 years I managed my team and my business in order to make it survive. But one day I found myself thinking: “I’m tired of taking pictures in this way. I’m tired of the customers that don’t understand the value of a photo book”. I was sick of it because being a freelance photographer in my country was like: “Oh! you’re a photographer! Amazing! So what's your real job? How do you pay your bills?”. It is still so, sadly. 
    I just moved out. I went to Berlin. I didn’t want to be a photographer anymore. Not a pro at least! I took all my gear and stuff though, I don’t know exactly why. Most of all my analog gear. But for an whole year I was unable to shoot any kind of photography. I felt queasy every time I put my eye through the viewfinder. 
    Than, slowly, I got closer again to my gear and my cameras, the analog ones, because they don't require any post production on computer.

    I took all my gear and stuff though, don’t know exactly why. I felt queasy every time I put my eye through the viewfinder.

  • I discovered once again analog photography. Slowly I dusted off my Nikon FM2 and FE2, cleaned the lenses and bought some films. B/W for starting. I developed them by my own. It was a relief to discover that taking pictures doesn’t mean to respect a deadline anymore, to satisfy a customer or to take just a perfect shot.

    Photography became a passion, again. Just walking slowly and having fun. That’s the way it should be!

  • Giacomo "Big Jack" Lanzi

    I live in Berlin; I've been a freelance photographer for more than 10 years. I tried almost every genre of photography. I ended up shooting in the fashion business.
    In 2014 I was sick of taking picture and I moved out in Berlin.

    For almost a whole year I felt queasy everytime I looked into a camera. Then I (re)discovered analogue photography, I picked up my analogue gears and I started shooting again.

    I (re)designed my old website to have a place where to tell my Analogue Reborn.